Saturday, March 5, 2016

Las Grutas and other things

It's taken me awhile to post this Oops! Totally because of work and stuff, defiantly not because I've been lazy. A couple of weekends ago my German buddies and I went up to a place called Tolantongo in the state of Hildalgo. I'm still feeling a little lazy and will just assume that I spelled that correctly. Tolantongo is a pretty gorgeous place. As far as I understand there's some kind of volcanic activity underground and after some help of pixie magic and that sort of stuff it results in hot springs in the middle of this so called semi-arid desert. Pretty wonderful place to chill and have a couple of tacos.

Getting there was a little sketchy, this was courtesy of Google Maps
I'm sure this place has a name. Tolantongo is at the bottom of this valley

One of the Magical sources of water, Behind the waterfall are a couple of caves full of warm water you can chill in.

Bum bada bum bada bum ba bum ba bum (Jurassic park theme)

Some of the hot pools on the side of the mountain

Picture of some banana trees I took from the tent, I believe at this area is considered a semi-tropical forest
Selfie with my German buddy!

Enjoying the warm water inside a small gruta

Once we cross this bridge it's only and hour to the palace.

Hoping to get on the front cover of Travel Mexico Magazine

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