Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Is this about a donkey?

Last Saturday I decided to climb a volcano. I have not felt so exhausted since Luke took me skiing. It was about 5 to 5.5 miles to the summit. The total ascent was 4,640 ft (a lot). According to my watch you would need to eat 5.25 tacos once you reach the summit to recover the lost calories. Also taco calorie recovery is not an option on my watch... something some companies should totally look into making a thing. Any whoosle, the volcano is La Malinche and it reaches a little over 14,640 ft.

La Malinche (Old Volcano) as seen from Casa LuK (My Apartment).
(Photo Courtesy of Patrick Montion)

Found a new buddy, I named him Carlos
The day became more cloudy the further up we went
Pretty steep climb
Good View of Mt. Orizaba, the 3rd highest peak in north America.
I heard you need at least a dozen tacos to recover from that one.
Unfortunately, Carlos decided to be a wimp and didn't want to
climb the shale slope with me... classic Carlos.
Going out with people means pictures of my face! Thanks Irving!

Made it to the Peak! Immediately used my 'skills' to locate a flag
and make myself the highest point in Tlaxcala.

Feelin a little light headed at high altitude.

It took me about 5 hours to make it to this altitude to look this good

On a clear day (literally any other day other than today) you can see
Puebla, along with the two other Volcanoes

I believe this was, at one point, the caldera. Now it's more
like a jagged valley down the side of the volcano

Irving and I


  1. Dude, nice volcano!

    I love that your watch calculates calories in units of tacos.

  2. Patrick, I have figured that you would also fully recover with 4 bean burritos (with cheese). Uncle Mark