Monday, January 25, 2016

Laundry and Other Things

It's easy to do a lot of things here such as visit a new church every Sunday for a year, not spending a lot on food, and on tacos. Laundry, however does not make the list.

Here is the runner-up for the world's most ineffective machines. For best results it is recommended that you fill it part way with the hose before use. I did not use the hose the first time and my clothes came out mostly dry

If your clothes have any visible dirtiness you gotta scrub it out in the sink before using the wash-machine.  

Kind of a dark picture (I'll get a better one later) but here is the roof where I hang my clothes to dry. his is done because the garbage dryer that is connected to said garbage wash-machines is, as I just stated, garbage.

Here is a pleasant view from the roof overlooking the city of Puebla.

It's really nice, it seems no matter where you go you're bound to come across a shrine to Our Lady.

The legendary Cemita of Puebla. Costs about $1.50 USD and will change your culinary life.

And finally, Popocatepetl seems to look more and more treacherous every day. I tried explaining to my boss that it would be safer if we moved work to the beach just in case. He informed me that it is not going to erupt and horrifically spew lava all over the place. I'm not sure if I believe him, but it's fine I've always been awesome at The Floor is Lava.

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